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      What is an LMS and how does it work?

      An LMS is an online learning management system developed in a virtual environment, accessed through an internet connection, in which we can learn and train. It allows to manage, distribute and evaluate training activities scheduled within an e-Learning process.

      The acronym stands for Learning Management System, or Sistema de gestión del aprendizaje, in its Spanish translation.

      The reason for the LMS is to make it easier to manage activities or content. Thanks to being connected to the network, it allows anyone to enter the system at any time and from anywhere.

      A good LMS will offer each organization solutions to its needs, adapting to them, and not making the organization adapt to the functioning of the LMS. Training people within companies is easier with an LMS than with other types of training.


      Elements of an LMS

      Depending on which LMS we are using, its elements or possibilities will vary.

      In general, they should all have a registration system, a course or training catalog, a reference library where to find the points to be studied, a follow-up of the work of the people being trained as well as evaluations (both external and self-evaluations).

      Other important elements are statistics, to get an overview of how teaching is working with this method, as well as learning support.


      Advantages of the LMS

      La pregunta que puede surgir es… ¿por qué un LMS? ¿Por qué incorporar un sistema de gestión del aprendizaje en mi empresa? ¿Cuáles son las ventajas de hacer esto?

      We could summarize them as follows:

      Improve organization. The larger the company and the more workers involved in training, the easier it is to organize with an online system that centralizes everything we need: registering in the system, creating work groups, updating calendars...

      Improved control. LMS administrators have full control of the system at their disposal, so they are aware of everything that happens in them.

      Improves follow-up. With different mechanisms, it makes the evaluation of each employee much simpler and more effective.

      It is flexible. Being online, we can involve employees working at other sites in the same system, or we can let them do the learning tasks when they have a gap in their daily tasks instead of imposing a schedule on them.

      In short, LMSs are a valuable tool for in-company training.

      eDUCATIO Platform

      eDUCATIO is a content platform that is supported by an open source LMS, which aims to facilitate online teaching and make available to companies and educational institutions different types of content, so that students can develop their classes completely online.


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