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      ORION POS Point of Sale System

      It is a very complete point-of-sale web system, which allows centralized or distributed inventory management among the organization's branches. It can be installed on any infrastructure: on the customer's equipment or as a cloud service.

      Allows direct sales, home delivery or orders from your website.

      Sistema pos para restaurantes


      Sistema de ventas POS


      • Point of Sale

      • Inventory

      • Shopping

      • Requisitions

      • Quotations

      • Sales Dashboards

      • Reports

      pos para restaurantes el salvador


      • Multi-devices
      • Multiple companies (branches)
      • Discount configuration
      • Management of extra products
      • Massive loads of products
      • Multiple forms of payment (Bitcoins)
      • Administration of users and customers by branches
      • X and Z cuts
      • Events management
      pos para restaurantes el salvador


      • Use of the application from any device
      • Messaging by email, whats app
      • Integration with Wompi payment gateway, Hugo
      • It has modules that complete the life cycle of the business.
      • Can be installed on client infrastructure or in the cloud
      • Can be installed on Linux or Windows
      Sistema de ventas para hotel

      ORION Hotel System 

      The Orion Hotel sales system is a Web application that allows room reservations, rate management and other functions required for online reservations by customers.

      Our Modules 

      • Hotel Module
      • POS Module
      • Inventory Module
      • Quotations Module
      • Requisition Module


      • Online room reservation
      • Day rate management
      • Room availability management
      • Loyalty module through Gift cards and points accumulation
      • User administration
      • Customer administration
      • Orion point-of-sale integration
      • Reports

      Special Modules

      It counts with the development of modules that allow the detailed control of your services:

      • Quotations: That will allow you to prepare quotations for your events.


      • Use of the application from any device.
      • Email messaging, Whats App.
      • Integration with Wompi payment gateway.
      • It has modules that complement the life cycle of the business.
      • It can be installed in the customer's infrastructure or in the cloud.
      • It can be installed on Linux or Windows.
      • Local Support


      It is a powerful software that streamlines to the maximum the process of control of orders that customers make, since its purpose is to automate the order taking.

      It is a Web software specifically designed for Franchises that need to keep track of the orders and payments made by the franchised customers, and then generate the request to the factory for the elaboration of the order already paid.


      Control de pedidos

      It works in a very simple and intuitive way: 

      • Accounts with customer (franchisee) records are created in the system.
      • The product catalog is created
      • The franchisee enters the system via the Web and places his order.
      • The Franchise takes the order and generates the payment link for your customer through Wompi (from Banco Agricola) or notifies your customer of the amount to be paid.
      • Customer pays (by Wompi or other payment method and sends evidence to the Franchisee).
      • The Franchise notifies the factory to generate the products. 

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