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      Sistemas en la Nube vrs On Premise

      Cloud vs. On Premise Systems

      Cloud vs. On Premise Currently one of the most frequent doubts for companies when trying to acquire infrastructure for their business is whether they should really reinvest in "hardware" or start migrating to the cloud. Although, cloud systems are becoming more and more...
      Que es un sistema POS/ Punto de ventas

      What is a POS system

      What is a POS/ Point of Sale System A POS system stands for "Point of Sale" and translates into English as "Point of Sale". While this term can refer to the physical space where users go to make their purchases, it can also refer to the...
      ¿ Qué es inventario ?

      What is inventory?

        How it is defined A company's inventories are made up of its raw materials, its products in process, the supplies it uses in its operations, and its finished goods. An inventory can be something as elementary as a bottle of...
      Qué es y cómo funciona un LMS

      What is an LMS and how does it work?

      What is an LMS and how does it work? An LMS is an online learning management system developed in a virtual environment, accessed through an internet connection, in which we can learn and train.  It allows to manage, distribute and evaluate activities...